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Cellphone contracts for blacklisted people are a real option. If you live in South Africa, then there may be a number of service providers that offer blacklisted contracts that include the services you want and need at a price you can afford. Your financial standing or past problems with cell phone service providers should not hinder your ability to socialize and stay in contact. Many agree that the mobile phone was one of the most ingenious and valuable inventions ever introduced to consumers. For many South Africans, the phone isn’t just a tool, it’s a way to socialize, entertain and save and share memories. Before you give all that up, find out what cellphone contracts for blacklisted people may be available that meet your individual needs.

How Do I Find Cellphone Contracts for Blacklisted People?

There are many way to begin your search for cellphone contracts for blacklisted people. A good place to begin is your favorite search engine. The internet contains a wealth of information that can help you choose the best plan as well as a mobile phone that will last a long time. Search for terms like “blacklisted cell phone contracts” and “cell phone contracts for blacklisted people” to see what is out there. Many websites even offer convenient forms that you can complete and submit online without ever visiting a retail store.

Another option is to visit your local store to see what prepaid cell phone plans they have available. Prepaid options require no contract. You only pay for the service you use. Most cell phone credit comes with a time limit, so you have to use it up before it expires. This is usually at least 30 days. Make sure you know all the stipulations and fees that come with a prepaid cell phone before you agree to buy it. You can also check many major mobile service providers’ websites for further information on their prepaid offerings.

What If My Credit Score is Below Average?

The dreaded credit check is one of the things that deters some individuals from attempting to obtain a cell phone. You may be surprised to find that some service providers will work with consumers who have a low credit score. There may be a deposit required and you may be limited as far as which plans you can purchase, but they are out there. The best way to find out what you qualify for is to apply. Websites that offer cellphone contracts for blacklisted people often ask for credit details and will guide you to the right place.

If you are really intimidated by credit checks, then consider the prepaid cell phone option. No credit check is required to sign up for a prepay plan. As long as you don’t use your phone minutes or text credits excessively, you can keep the cost down while you work on improving your credit score so you can upgrade later. Cellphone contracts for blacklisted people come in many packages so you can find one that meets your individual situation and needs.