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Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts for South African Consumers

Blacklisted cellphone contracts for South African consumers save many the frustration and inconvenience of going without a mobile phone. It’s not uncommon to experience economic hardship. While some have the means to pull through quickly, others struggle to get caught up and remedy past debts. Falling behind doesn’t make you a bad person, but it can certainly hinder your ability to obtain cell phone service. Know that you aren’t alone. If you have poor credit or are blacklisted by cell phone companies, you may be eligible for other plans and mobile options available in South Africa.

Look for Blacklisted-Friendly Cell Phone Services Online

Some cell phone service providers offer contracts to consumers who are blacklisted as well as those with less than satisfactory credit scores. Even if you don’t think you will qualify, it never hurts to submit an application and find out if they will work with you. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you qualify for a plan. Many websites offer a convenient search that will send you a list of phones and plans that you can purchase based on your individual details.

Pay as You Go with a Prepay Cellphone Plan

If you aren’t an excessive cell phone user, then a pay as you go prepay plan may be your best option. As far as blacklisted cellphone contracts go, they are among the most flexible for the consumer. You are not required to commit to a one or two year agreement and there are no late payments (which means no late payment fees). On the other hand you will have to closely monitor your usage because you have to pay for every minute spent chatting or every text you send to a friend.

Pay as you go plans often include data usage as well, but be careful because you can easily eat up your credits by browsing often or downloading large files or images. When your credits are spent, you will have to top up which means more spending. If you only use your phone on occasion, then a pay as you go style plan will let you remain in control with no surprise fees thrown in.

Would You Prefer a Monthly Prepay Plan?

Pay as you go plans are not the only blacklisted cellphone contracts that offer prepay flexibility. Some service providers supply monthly prepay plans. These give you the option of a service package, which includes a set quantity of text messages, minutes and data usage, for one monthly fee. You still have to track usage, but you aren’t paying for each individual unit of each service. Instead, your total monthly fee covers it until you exceed the limitations of the package. Monitoring usage may take more work, but it also means you won’t receive an excessively high cell phone bill the next month. You have many options to choose from among blacklisted cellphone contracts that can help you save money while remaining social and in touch.