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5 Things You Should Know About South African Cellphone Contracts

Cellphone contracts in South Africa come in many flavors. Service providers offer basic, watered down plans that includes limited talk time and text options for a low fee as well as plans that come with all the bells and whistles you could possible want. If you are trying to work with a low credit score or a blacklisted status, then you may find your search for the perfect plan is more challenging than it is for others. If you fall into this group of South African consumers, then the following tips may be able to help.

Tip 1: Try to Save at Least One Month’s Payment in Case of Emergencies

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, then it is best to try and be prepared. When you sign up for new cellphone contracts, try to arm yourself with a little extra padding in your bank account. Waiting a few extra weeks or a month and putting away at least one month’s worth of cellphone payments can make a big difference later on. In case of illness or unexpected occurrences, you will be able to pay your bill for at least a month or more even if there is little funds available. This will also help you avoid late fees, which increase debt, as well as a lapse in payment (and service).

Tip 2: Compare Prepaid as Well as Billing Cellphone Contracts

If you have never tried a prepaid plan, don’t completely eliminate the option from your list. If you don’t use a high quantity of minutes each month then a prepay plan may be best for you. Prepay plans are the easiest cellphone contracts to obtain because they require no credit check, little personal information and absolutely no commitment. You can cancel at any time, and usually receive no fees for doing so.

Tip 3: Search for Hidden Fees That May Be Incurred Later

If you are purchasing a monthly or billing cellphone contract, make sure you are aware of any fees that might come with it. For example, cutting your two year contract short will likely come with a hefty fee. You will also have to pay something if you use more minutes, data or text messages than your plan allows for. These al la carte items may cost more than they do when bundled with your plan. Make sure you know what to expect as far as fees in case of late payment, cancellation or over usage with the cellphone contracts you consider.

Tip 4: Get the Service You Really Need and Nothing More

Modern mobile phones come with many appealing service extras, but some of these may not be necessary for you. Make sure the cellphone contracts you consider signing include the level of service you need. Having the option of sending unlimited text messages each month is appealing, but you will pay for the luxury even if you do not use it.

Tip 5: Apply for Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts and Know Your Options

Don’t assume that because you have a low credit score or are blacklisted that you cannot be considered for billing style cellphone contracts. See what service providers offer. Many websites also offer forms you can fill out to see which plans you qualify for, how much they cost and what is included. More cellphone contracts may be within reach than you think, even if you are blacklisted.